Course Code ARABIC 201R
Course Title Intermediate Arabic 1
Online Offers No offers currently scheduled.
Last offer: Fall 2020
Course Location Online
Credit Weight 0.5
Course Description

This is an intermediate course focusing on reading comprehension of authentic Arabic materials. Students are introduced to verb patterns and subject-verb agreement rules and write longer paragraphs and short essays. [Note: Not open to students with native, near native, or similar advanced ability. Formerly SI 201R.]

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Course Work and Exam Fall 2020 course outline (note 2)
Author(s) Amir Al-Azraki
  • Prerequisite: ARABIC 102R or SI 102R.
  • Antirequisite: ARABIC 120R, SI 120R, SI 201R
  • The textbook is also available as an e-text. Consult the publisher's website for more information:
  • Students taking this course must:
    • have access to a webcam to use during a live video chat for oral exams (webcam, phone)
    • be able to record their speaking (webcam, computer, phone)
System Requirements
  • A computer with Internet access is required for all online and multimodal courses. Please see the System Requirements.
Taught in English
Special Notes Students taking this course must be available during Week 7 and Week 12 to participate in a live oral exam via video chat with instructor (there will be day and evening time slots available).
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